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Toyota Supra 2021 Review

This is the new 2021 Toyota Supra, and I've got to say, this car has seen much better update which makes it better than its predecessor and today, I'm going to explain why.Let's start with the basics, after years of promises the Toyota Supra finally returned for the 2020 model year, heavily based on the new BMW z4 last year supra offered only one engine a turbocharged six cylinder producing 335 horsepower. This year, that's been bumped up to 382 horsepower, almost 50 more horses than last year's and there are other updates to, for one thing there's now a new base model Supra with a turbocharged four cylinder engine that makes 255 horsepower. There is a larger standard infotainment screen, and there's revised chassis tuning for slightly better driving experience better handling. In short, after just one model year, Toyota has already updated the Supra and made it better. 

Alright, time for the interior features of the 2021 Supra. Now that means starting with just how much BMW prescence is in this supra now this isn't necessarily a criticism, BMW makes, go to the interiors. For instance at the gear lever BMW drivers will instantly recognise that as a BMW gear lover, same deal with the infotainment screen this is BMW through and through and same deal with the infotainment controls in the centre console BMW, not a single change here, the climate controls in the centre pulled directly out of a BMW again. No change at all these are BMW controls and right above that same deal with the presets for the infotainment system of BMW, although that means you get one of the favourite technology tricks in the car industry, if you forgot what you set one of your presets to, just slide your fingers over the preset and the infotainment system will give you a preview of what is on, that preset is a brilliant feature and I wish everybody else did it too. Anyway, the BMW signs continues everywhere in this interior as well the steering wheel and you can see this is a BMW wheel no changes at all. It really is unbelievable to me, just how much BMW is in the supra. With that said this interior does have one really cool feature that I love and that would be the gauge cluster, which is just awesome i love how it's designed, it's stylish and looks sporty, it looks cool. It's totally fitting the character of a tech focus Japanese sports car that's cool and new, and I think it's bright. one important change is that when the car gets in sport mode the exhaust of this car sounds pretty good.

 There's actually a pretty generously sized cargo area in the boot and it's kind of open to the front seats so you can pass through stuff. One unusual thing about the cargo area though is how narrow it pinches on the sides, you would think the tailgate would be a little bit wider to allow more cargo to come through, but it really isn't.I still think there's a possibility that they will come out with a more powerful Supra that utilises these vents later, but for now, there's a lot of fake events on the outside of this car and I just never love the look of something that's not supposed to be functional, but really is just there for style. let's talk about the front lighting, you have these giant LED running lights that's becoming more common in the car industry but when you turn on the turn signal one of them turns off and becomes a giant LED turn signal. This car probably has the largest turn signal size to vehicle size ratio in the car industry right now. The front signals are really huge. Now in back you also have a cool piece of lighting. It's a neat look It's a neat way to incorporate this racecar touch and give it some actual function. Finally we move under the hood, the engine now is the same engine as last year a turbocharged 3 litre six cylinder, although last year's model like I said had 335 horsepower. This one's been bumped up to 382, so an increase of 47 horsepower. That is a pretty substantial figure that's worth noting, torque has also increased by 3 lb-ft, which I'm sure you can really feel, to me though the biggest news in the super this year is not the extra power but the addition of a base model. The base model is a 255 horsepower 2 litre turbo four cylinder. But the cool part is there's now a more affordable Supra. Toyota hasn't yet released pricing but obviously it's going to be cheaper and will kind of bridge the gap between the Supra and the Toyota 86 and give people a more reasonable entry point to get into supra ownership. Of course, the other thing worth noting under the hood again is the BMW parts under here, the powertrain is a BMW engine, so there's a lot of BMW parts under here but toyota have tried to hide a lot of the obvious ones still, you don't have to look far to find a BMW logo inside the engine bay.

 Overall, the 2021 model, it feels a little faster, you now have two versions to choose from. But I think they've taken a good car and they've made it better. But unfortunately, with no mid engine, no manual transmission, no higher performance version, it's still not the best in class and cost much more money with which you could have a Porsche with, which is simply a better car but this is still a really good one. And it's a great effort by Toyota and BMW good par with the potent power train. There's a lot to like here it's more powerful than before and a bit sharper to drive and now there's a base model four cylinder which makes the supra more affordable. 

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