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Funny Images That Will Make You Think Of How They Got There (Photos)

Funny And Unthinkable Images That Will Keep You In Awe While Thinking Of How It Was Possible And How They Got There

Irrespective of the tremor happening round the world, we should always remember to live the life and laugh also.

Have you ever wondered at how some things, animals or people got to some places? Funny how it seems, they happen.

The first frame happens to be a brown and white horse in its open stable and from the image, it's half of the body is in the middle of the rod barricading it’s home. It was stick with it’s first two legs outside and the other two, inside. Looking at the floor of where it stood, it might have struggled a lot to leave or find it's way back to the stable.

The second frame is a mountain goat with big and bent horns hooked on a high tension of an electric pole. It got stock there with it’s legs suspended on air. How was it possible to get there? This particular one is the most funny of them all.

The third is a silver sedan car found hanging on top of two fences holding it up beside a gate. Who drove or carried that car up to the height? Were they trying to fix some parts of the car which can be located at the bottom area of the car or what?

The last frame is the President of Nigeria. I know who put him there. We all did.

The first three frames are unthinkable and you may get headaches when you try to figure out the possibility of those actions. Looking at the images alone will make you shake your head while laughing and wondering the possibility of the event.

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