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21-year-old Africa Boy Builds His Own Lamborghini From Scrap With His Hands (Photos)

Everyday we talk about talent and creativity and what most comes into our mind is that talent is born with a child but the truth us that some do acquire it through consistence and hard work.

Here is another example of a boy who spent years build his talent and his use it to build a car.


Mukundi Malovhele who invented this car was never much good at MATH or science but his desire for car make him build this car.

He use wire, scrap metal, car spare parts, rubber and other this in building it. Though he spent hours of time in building it, his dream came through.

Here are the photos of that Lamborghini he created with his hands.

Africans are really talented, all they needs if support and fund, imaging if this young boy was given all he wanted to build it or was taken in by a car company, we are sure he will build more amazing cars.

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