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How Long To Warm The Car Engine Before Driving

How long should you warm your car before driving it? A minute? 5 minutes? Well, the fact is that it is necessary to warm your car engine before driving to work, school or other places of life endeavours.

There is a popular myth that to improve the performance of your vehicle, you need to need to warm the car engine for minutes especially in cold weathers.

The truth about warming car engine is that you only need the car engine to be idle for the amount of time it will take you to fasten the car seat belt. That looks little right? But it is enough to get the lubricating oil to the various vital parts of the engine. When you start driving to your normal destinations, the engine gets to a warmer temperature faster. Avoiding harder acceleration will help reduce exhaust emissions and wear.

In summary, shouldn't spend too much time warming your car as long as you are about to use it. Like and share if you find this interesting.

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