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Okada is the Greatest Menace The Nigerian Society Has

Okada is the name given to a motorcycle in most regions of the Nigerian society. Okadas are a major source of transport, excluding tricycles( popularly known as 'Keke') and of course, four-wheeled vehicles such as cars, etc.

While many believe Okadas is of great benefit to Nigeria, I strongly disagree with the assertion, though the means of transport comes with its own benefit. There are several reasons why Okadas is a menace in the Nigerian society, although a few reasons are outlined as follows:

First, most Okadas riders are reckless. The motorcycle's nature allows it to drive on pedestrian lanes, drive through compacted areas and even evade traffic. The question is, are these activities not dangerous and reckless? Of course, here comes the question of overloading passengers just to make profit.These only subject pedestrians to accidents and in most cases, the victims' injuries are fatal.

Second, Okadas tend to encourage crime rate in the country. Imagine a scenario where the police chase an armed robber on an Okada. All the criminal just needs is to approach a compacted neighborhood and the police will have to follow him on foot, which would prove ineffective.

It is rather unfortunate that Okadas cannot survive some harsh weather conditions. In Nigeria, where there are bad roads, an Okada may find it difficult to evade a flooded road and any attempt could prove lethal to the driver and dangerous to the motorcycle.

It is not necessary to wonder why some Nigerian states have banned the use of Okada. Such action is right and beneficial to the Nigerian citizens.

As noted earlier, motorcycles have a lot of benefits in the Nigerian society. But as many courts will do in their schools of jurisprudence, the benefits and negative effects have to be put in a weighing scale and whichever the scale tilts in favour will be admitted as the winning side

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