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History Of Powerful Cars From 1983 To 1964

Cars are a very good means of land transportation known to everyone but most people don't know the origin of these cars and how they were formed. Looking back through some years, we've had so many good and durable cars which are still in use today. This article will take you through some of these cars

1. The Original Horseless Carriage: was introduced in 1983 by brother Charles and Frank Duryea.

2. The luxurious 1909 Rolls-Royce: the year known from it's name, it was silver Ghost and had a quiet engine, a leather interior, and an aluminum body

3. The 1929 Graham Paige DC Phaeton : this car was built by hand , even though many other car companies were already using assembly lines at the time

4. The 1937 pontiac De Luxe sedan: this car was designed for families

5. Studebaker champion 2door sedan : Appeared in 1940

6.The mustang: Debut in 1964, because of it's powerful engine, it was known as the muscle car

These cars were well known not only for it's name but for the quality and durability. Car lover's will definitely Love these cars even till today.

What's you views on these cars????

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Charles DC Phaeton Frank Duryea Original Horseless Carriage Rolls-Royce


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