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How To Adjust Your Generator Carburetor And Use One Litre Of Fuel For At Least 3 Hours

Carburetor as we all know is a mechanical device that controls fuel consumption and conservation in all most all mechanical driven machines ranging from automobiles to power Generator.

The carburetor is also called the 'Heart' of the automobile, and it cannot be expected that the engine will act right, give the proper horse-power, or run smoothly if it's 'Heart' is not performing it's function properly.

Hence, in this article I'm going to focus on electrically/mechanically power machine also known as generator.

However, adjusting the generator carburetor is a relatively simple task that can be done with a basic set of hand tools like a screw driver and spanner, a little bit of technical knowledge is also needed to carry out this task.

Note: when making any adjustment, it is important to make them in small increment of a quarter turn as improper tunning and adjustment may result in increase fuel consumption and minimum performance.

Materials needed for the adjustments include;

- Flat / Star head screw drivers

- 10 / 11 spanner

- Safety glasses

Below are the steps involved in adjusting your generator carburetor so as to achieve optimum performance and minimum fuel consumption.

First and foremost, use this simple experiment to find out if your carburetor is consuming fuel more than normal.

* Start your engine and allowed it to run for at least one minute.

* Get a stop clock from your phone.

* Keep fuel tap open as the engine is running.

* Start your stop clock and close your fuel tap simultaneously.

* Allow the engine to steam and off on it own as the stop clock is ticking.

* Stop the stop clock at the instant the generator switches off completely and lastly, r

* Record the seconds / minute the stop clock recorded when the engine switches off completely.


if after the engine switches off on it own and the stop watch / clock records less than two minute, this should clearly tells you that your generator is consuming more fuel than normal. But if it record's above two minutes, then you can forget about adjusting the generator carburetor as this indicates that your generator carburetor is in good condition and it is incredibly conserving fuel.

In the case of excessive fuel consumption, this can be detected by the way engine steams and the sounds it makes when steaming.

If your engine fires too much by making an abnormal high sound, and it indicates on your bulb or appliances that the voltage might be too much, all you need to do is to get a Star head screw driver and adjust the idle air speed screw by turning it to the left as shown below.

The above explanation, if carried out properly will make your generator fuel consumption to be minimal.

Comment share and follow for the second and most effective method of adjusting your generator carburetor.


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