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Check Out Photos of The Palace Of Sultan Of Brunei Who Owns Over 800 Ferraris and Thousands of Cars

The Sultan Of Brunei whose name is Sultan Hassanal owns almost 7000 cars, the largest private car collection in the world. 

Among many, many other cars, the collection includes:

over 600 Rolls Royce's

over 570 Mercedes-Benz

over 450 Ferrari's

over 380 Bentley's

over 200 BMW's

over 170 Jaguars

over 130 Koenigsegg sports cars.

By the time Sultan Hassanal took over from his father, Brunei was already fantastically wealthy thanks to its oil resources. When it gained independence in 1984, the country had one of the highest per-capita incomes of any nation, about $48,650 a year in today's dollars.

Some pictures of his cars

Amazing right?, Well that's not all, but let's also see pictures of his palace

The Sultan Of Brunei's Palace which also happens to be the world's largest residential place contains about 1,788 rooms

The Sultan of Brunei earns $100 a second from oil earning and investments. This works out to around $2 billion a year. His net worth fluctuates greatly depending on a number of factors, most importantly the price of oil and natural gas, which is where his money comes from.

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