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Bicycle without pedals powered by foot

Without pedals, gears, or a saddle, should the Fliz Bike be considered a bicycle at all? 

Picture a lightweight frame on two wheels. But instead of sitting on the frame, you are hanging from it. Should the Fliz Bike without pedals, gears or saddle be worthy of the name "bicycle".

The Fliz bicycle is based on the concept of a velocipede (defined as a “bicycle propelled by pushing the feet along the ground”). A concept developed by Karl Drais in 1818 when he invented the Laufmaschine (running machine) which functioned without pedals.

Karl Drais running machine.

See video here.

But instead of sitting, the Fliz bicycle uses a 5 strap harness system to suspend the rider in between a set of wheels. And propels by pushing with the feet, scooting along to speed before relaxing feet on threads at the back wheels.

While this might seem like a tedious way of transportation. Coupled with the fact that in contrast it's a step down from an actual bicycle. But hey, how about the idea of a lazy jogging?

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Fliz Fliz Bike Karl Drais


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