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Check out 10 unlucky scientists /inventors that died from their own invention (photos + details)

The world would remain stagnant if there are no inventors. Virtually everything we use today is as a result of hard work and sacrifice some people made. 

This article reveals ancient inventors that their very own invention bring an end to their life. They may be dead but what they introduced to the world is beneficial till date.  

Alexander Bogdanov(1873 - 1928)

He experimented on blood transfusion. He was a Russian physician, philosopher, and science fiction writer. He died as a result of the blood of a student that was transfused to him.

Sabin Arnold von Sochocky

He worked on radioactive material. Sabin invented the first radium-based luminescent paint, which resulted in his death because of his exposure to radioactive material. He died of aplastic anemia.

Horace Lawson Hunley

He died during the test of the combat submarine he invented. He drowned with 7 other crew members.

Max Valier

He invented the liquid-fuelled rocket engine. He died when one of his alcohol-fueled engines exploded in his test bench. Max died instantly!

Franz Reichelt 

He jumped from Eiffel tower and fell to death, he was trying to test the coat parachute he invented. Though, they had planned to use a doll before.

Henry Smolinski 

He died while testing the flying car he created.

Thomas Andrews

He invented the popular titanic ship, he died with 1500 others as the ship hits an iceberg.

Ismail ibn Hammad al-Jawhari

He died while attempting to fly using two wooden wings and a rope. He jumped from the top of a mosque and the scholar fell to death.

Luis Jiménez

He died when the piece of a statue he was constructing fell on him. It crushed him to death!

 Mike Hughes

He died when his parachute failed to deploy. He was trying to crash land from his homemade steam-powered rocket.


Wan Hu

The 16th-century Chinese official, is said to have attempted to launch himself into outer space in a chair to which 47 rockets were attached. The rockets exploded and the rest is history!

What are you currently working on?, don't be scared to test them You will surely be remembered when things go wrong (just joking) 

You will be applauded for your great contribution to humanity. 

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Alexander Bogdanov( Eiffel Franz Reichelt Max Valier Sabin Arnold von Sochocky


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