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Check Out The Meaning Of Mr, Mrs, Am, Pm And Other Acronyms Whose Meaning You May Not Know

So many of us are victims of using acronyms which we may not know their meanings. But do not be troubled as this article will reveal to you the full meaning of some of these acronyms.

Here we go.

1. A.M & P.M:

The fact remains that almost everybody was thought how to read time using A.M and P.M but only few can say their meanings.

A.M & P.M simply means "Ante Meridiem" and "Post Meridiem" respectively.

2. e.g:

Anyone who didn't miss classes in school must have seen or heard e.g in almost all the class. See what it means.

"Example Given".

3. Etc:

This simply stands for "et cetera".

4. R.S.V.P:

This is a French word "respondez s'il vous plait" and it means "Please Reply" in English. R.S.V.P is always used in invitation cards. It is kind of asking the invited guest to indicate if they will attend.

5. I.Q & E.Q:

This stands for "Intelligence Quotient" and "Emotional Quotient (or Emotional Intelligence).

6. SIM card:

This stands for "Subscriber Identity Module".

7. SMS:

It simply stands for "Short Message Service".

8. PIN:

This stands for "Personal Identification Number".

9. JPEG (JPG):

It stands for "Joint Photographer Expert Group".

10. LCD & LED TVs:

LCD stands for "Liquid Crystal Display" while LED is "Light Emitting Diode".

11. PhD:

It is "Doctor of Philosophy".

12. SUV:

This is "Sports Utility Vehicle".

13. MR & MRS:

This simply stands for "Mature Responsible" while MRS is "Mature Responsible and Submissive".

Now be sincere and answer the question below.

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Am Ante Meridiem Meridiem


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