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Meet 18-year-Old Ghanaian Who Built A "Ferrari" From The Scratch

Africa is a continent embedded with super talented people with the innate ability to create the nearly unthinkable.

There is no doubt that most of these special inventors are from Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa.

Another scholar has emerged from Ghana who built an entire car from the scratch. He is from a very poor family in a remote village in his country.

He is kelvin popularly known as Elon Musk of Ghana. He created a real moving car.

Kelvin never attended any engineering school but he rather taught and trained himself to this super inventive.

He makes an average of 300 dollars a month. Surprisingly, the entire car cost him about three thousand dollars.

He disclosed that he extracted the car parts from junkyards, construction sites, and car shops but he went on part-time jobs to purchase the expensive car engine.

The car looks much like a Ferrari, it has a radio and all other components of a car. It is very perfect and it has wings on top of it.

He has a very greater future as he dreams to build electric cars like Elon Musk and Tesla. His ambition is to make airplanes and rockets.

Do you think this boy is better than unemployed graduates who studied automobile engineering?

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You can watch the video via the link below.

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