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Are We Really Ready For The New Concept Flying Cars?

Technology as we all know is as old as the human race itself. It has existed since hundreds of thousands of years ago and has developed rapidly over these years.

The first automobile in the world was patented on January 29 in the year 1886 by Carl Benz. This car was a three wheeler and was powered by a gas engine.

Over the years,new and improved car models have been made for various other reasons apart from just moving from one place to another,some of these other reasons are comfort, luxury, sports, fighting and so on. But still,we hear that plans are ongoing by car manufacturers to start making flying cars and they have even built a lot of concepts for it and production may be set to begin soon. The real question we never asked ourselves is: ARE WE READY FOR IT? Yes,technology advances every day and we always have to follow the trend or risk being left out of the game. The world is now a global village and things have become easy for us. But is Nigeria as a nation ready for these new wonders? Can the fly above us and we'll be sure of safety? Won't it become outdated easily? Won't it be for only the rich and those that can afford it?

Let's brainstorm in the comments section over this topic guys!

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