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Check Out The 8- Wheeler Toyota SubCompact That Defies All Reason

Over the years, we' ve seen a wide spectrum of modified automobiles, from great stripped out track weapons to wild donks and outrageous lifted safari assembles. What we haven' t seen are vehicles with a plethora of extra wheels that serve no use. This heavily modified Toyota Vios has a large number of them.

This shape is from West Java, Indonesia, and was created by Roni Gunawan, who owns the Gemah Ripah cab company in the neighborhood. Priceprice. com reported an incredible form cost on a request for 90 million Indonesian Rupiah, or around $6000 in US dollars. The Toyota Vios, a front- wheel- drive replacement for the Tercel, is equipped with two additional rear tire arrangements. One pair of wheels runs along the ground, just like a standard six- wheeler.

Despite this, the last pair of wheels is mounted higher up, running on top of the lower set of wheels, for no other reason than that it looks good. The extra wheels are spring- loaded to keep the upper set of wheels in contact with the lower set, allowing erosion to turn them as the vehicle moves.

The additional wheel' s center points are completely installed on a special steel system welded within the vehicle' s back. There are a number of support plates and propping welded in to deal with the weight of the extra wheels. While there are brake plates on all of the extra wheels, they' re mostly there to allow the wheels to be rushed up to the stock centers without unnecessary adjustment.

Instead of the first back entryways, custom bodywork folds over the extra wheels, assisting in blending the unneeded wheels into the bodyshape of the car in a way that looks astonishingly normal. It' s not as useful as most 8- wheeled models we' ve seen, but it' s certainly unusual.

When the car is moving, it appears to be a real treat. For what it' s worth, the unusual imagery as the stacked back tires roll in inverse directions is captivating when fitted with polished 5- talked mag wheels. The siphoned back gatekeepers and show- vehicle paintwork only increase to the impact. The vehicle has also undergone numerous changes on the inside, and is equipped with a powerful sound system that is appropriately lighted with shading coordinated LEDs. Oh, and did we say anything about the Lamborghini entranceways?

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