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Here is the Summary of "The Man Who Saw Tommorow" (An Interesting Movie)

Stan Ovshinsky really did see tomorrow. The batteries that power our cell phones and car batteries all owe a debt to him, as do our flat-screen TVs and the solar panels on our roofs, which are coated in the thin films. But what I admired him for most was his firm belief that inequity of all sorts could be solved by science.

Science breaks down boundaries, increases opportunities, and builds bridges between different people and communities. The Man Who Saw Tomorrow pays tribute to Stan's many achievements and honors the humanity of a man who believed that the machinists and toolers who turned his ideas into reality were just as important as the academics who flocked to his living room.

In The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, Lillian Hoddeson and Peter Garrett tell the story of an genius with no formal education beyond high school who invented, among other things, the rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries that have powered everything from portable electronics to hybrid cars, a system for mass-producing affordable thin-film solar panels, and DVDs.

His most important discovery, the Ovshinsky effect, led to a paradigm shift in condensed matter physics and yielded phase-change memory, which is now enabling new advances in microelectronics.

A son of the working class who began as a machinist and toolmaker, Ovshinsky focused his work on finding solutions to urgent social problems, and to pursue those goals, he founded Energy Conversion Devices, a unique research and development lab.

At the end of his life, battered by personal and professional losses, Ovshinsky nevertheless kept working to combat global warming by making solar energy “cheaper than coal" another of his many visions of a better tomorrow.

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