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5 Reasons Why Your Generator Refuses To Start

1. Empty Fuel Tank

You generator obviously runs on fuel. If fuel is absent, it will have nothing to run on.

2. Low Oil Level

Oil is very important for the lubrication of your generator engine. Some generators have a sensor to alert you while in some generators, you'll just have to check with a dip stick.

3. Flat Battery

Just like in a car, a battery is important to start a generator. Check the generator battery and make sure it is charged.

4. The Choke Control

Air levels within the carburetor are regulated by the choke. The amount of air may be the problem if the generator refuses to start so you may need to adjust the choke at intervals.

5. A Dirty Spark Plug

Over time, your spark plug will get covered in dirt which will make it difficult to spark. Take out your spark plug and clean it up or replace it, if necessary.

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Flat Battery


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