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See the new futuristic Renault EZ-tournee concept car, fully electric, the future of cars (photo's).

In the nearest future the structure of car's will change, brands in the car industries has been developing themselves as technology advances each day, Renault EZ- Tournee is a very good example of what car's will look like in the nearest future. As technology advances the development of car's increases rapidly so we need to be aware of what's coming.

The Renault EZ- Tournee was Visualized by automotive designer Artyom Trofimenko, it's a supercar concept unlike any other that you’ve seen before. Featuring a front / rear equipped with ll panels, four large wheels with electric motors in each one, and full autonomy. According to the designer, this electric supercar is targeted at 30-45 year old males, mainly due to the lack of space as well as having only a single passenger seat.

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“As for how it compares with other futuristic Renault concepts, it’s easily not as stylish as the Trezor, but it’s more dynamic than the EZ-GO. Looks-wise, it probably belongs in the same class as the EZ-Ultimo – another quirky, ultra-futuristic concept,” reports Car Scoops.

For the most part, French automaker Renault is known for playing it safe. But lately, they’ve been kicking things up a notch with a number of bold concepts. Still, even they weren’t brave enough to take things to the next level,the creator visionized with the brand’s signature style language in mind, this mind-boggling concept reaches into the far-flung future – with an appearance that looks more like it came out of a 1980s sci-fi movie than something you’d see on the road today. Of course, that also comes with some futuristic upgrades suited to such an environment, like an efficient all-electric drivetrain, 360-degree views thanks to transparent paneling throughout the car, and a two-person cabin with luxurious seats and plenty of room. There’s a pretty good chance we’ll never see this concept hit the road – but, in this case, that’s a pretty big shame. Also don’t forget to check best concept cars of largest automakers.

From what we've seen the Renault EZ-Tournee is the definition of car's in the nearest future.

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Artyom Trofimenko EZ-GO. Renault Renault EZ-tournee Trezor


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