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World Most Expensive Model Car (Toy Car)

When you think of car expensiveness you will conclude to being extravagant. But have you ever think of a model car that is more expensive than your luxury cars at home.

The model is more expensive than the car below

Lexus RX 350

The lexus Rx 350 2019 model is one if the dream car of many Nigerian youth and businessman. It cos about N14m to get this in Nigeria.

Toyota Camry 2020

Do you see the luxury and sportiness of the toyota camry. It cost about N14m in Nigeria. The Toyota Camry is a well designed car with great interior and exterior . It's a symbol of wealth cause it's not easy to buy a latest car .

Toyota Highlander 2018 The toyota highlander is a four wheel drive suv . It's good for all places ranging from smooth to super rough roads . It's interior are very good with good exterior also. It cost about N14m to get this car in Nigeria.

I have shown you cars which you like let's talk about the deal .

Its a Rolls Royce 2019 cullinan replica. A 1:8 of the original Rolls Royce cullinan. It's matches to the customers original Rolls Royce cullinan with same interior and exterior.

Every aspect of the car are look alike from the shape to the door handles even the ac control. It take about 450 man hour to build this model car . This car cost about N15m with all features of your original car .

What do you think about this car , can you buy it let me know in the comment section below don't forget to like , share and comments ,thanks for reading.

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Nigeria Rolls Royce Rx 350 Toyota Camry World Most Expensive Model Car


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