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10 most fuel-efficient cars built for Nigerian road.

Everybody wants to own a vehicle that is classic with a good good gas mileage. Fuel economy is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a new car. Even when fuel prices fluctuate, they won't stay disturb you cruising your ride anytime.

Millions of cars sold today offer impressive fuel economy, especially in contrast to what you may be trading in. Below, we spotlight the most fuel-efficient cars based on Consumer Reports' overall fuel-economy test results.

1.Toyota Camry (2003 - 2019).

Toyota reputation is solid when it comes to fuel efficiency, there cars are well-built with good gas mileage and Toyota is dependable.

2.Honda Civic Hybrid (2005 &2009)

While the 8th generation isn't the most popular Civic, it hit all the right notes when it comes to fuel economy. 

3.Toyota Corolla (2003-2020).

Corolla is a rock solid name in fuel economy , no other can contest.It is a comfortable car with great gas mileage at a competitive price, and comes with 40 years of Toyota dependability behind it.

4.Hyundai Elantra 

The car was originally introduced as a basic economy sedan and it prove to be worth the penny.

5.Chevrolet Cruze.

A 4-cylinder, turbo-charged engine has enough kick to make it fun to drive with a good fuel efficiency.

6.Fiat 500

This Mini car is not here to play, the Fiat 500 had been long gone from American shores before its return in 2012, you can be sure it has more kick.

7.Mini Cooper.

it’s a recipe for a car that’s not only big on performance, but also easy on the wallet when filling up.

8.Toyota Prius (2001 - 2019).

The first generation Prius is slow-burning into becoming the most significant car since the Ford Model T. 

9.Nissan Altima (2000 model).

With Nissan’s growing reputation for sporty cars ,they also claim to know more about fuel efficient cars.

10. Honda Accord (2016 - 2019).

Honda has given us a great alternative to driving a Prius. 

best car review ,stay tuned.

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American Consumer Reports' Fiat 500 Nigerian Toyota


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