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Meet The Richest Man in Africa, Dangote Vs Senator Dino Melaye With Thier Car Collections.

Nigeria is full of many successful businessmen and politicians, among the most successful businessman in Nigeria is Aliko Dangote who is currently the richest man in Africa while Senator Dino Melaye is also one of the successful politicians and business man in Nigeria, The rightest man in Africa might be Dangote but his taste for exotic cars is nothing compared to the taste of Senator Dino Melaye(SDM).

This is why I'm going to be showing you Dangote's car collection garage and Senator Dino Melaye's car collection garage.

This is Dangote's cars collection garage;

1. Bentley Mulsanne $310,000 equivalent 10 #112million.

The car is said to be named after the Le Man's race track legendary brand, which means the car is for legends.

2. Maybach 57S Knight: which is said to worth $1000,000 equivalent to #364,000,000.

The exterior might not worth it but the interior? You won't want to get out of it again. It's a car with highly carbon fiber. Occupants in the back can enjoy entertainment via an Apple set, and it has a trimmed leather truck for their luggage. Making it a 712 hp 12- cylinder twin-turbo engine.

3. Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG- which is worth $220,000 equivalent to #80 million.

This is a speed car, and 290 Kilometers per hour is the maximum speed for safety reasons.

4. Buggati Version: which is $2,000,000 equivalent to #728 million, moving at 431 kilometers per hour, is quite good for the race, it's one of the fastest cars allowed for use on public roads.

Senator Dino Melaye's car collections are below;

1. Dino Melaye 2020 Lamborghini Aventador Roadstar. He used this $1,000,000 car to celebrate his 50th birthday. It's #360,000,000.00 when converted to naira.

2. Porsche Panamera costs $80,000 which is #29,320,000 when it's converted to naira.

This is one of the best cars in the world.

3. Dino Melaye Range Rovers: The least type of this car starts from #36,650,00.00, which is not possible for the senator to buy the least one, so his own is estimated to be about #54,975,000,00.

4. Bentley continental: this car worth about #91,625,000.00.

5. Dino Melaye Mercedes G-Wagon: You can buy this can in Nigeria if you have 36,650,000.00 but SDM as someone that love flashy cars won't settle for less, he needs to have a leather interior and a bullet-proof exterior and to get this, the price starts from #73,300,000.00, so Dino's wagon will be starting from 73,300,000.00

6. Dino Melaye's Chevrolet Corvette which is estimated to worth at least #25,000,000.00

7. Dino Melaye's Rolls Royce and Mercedes:

In his garage, he also has a Mercedes E- class that worth #19.2million, a red Ferrari worth over #410million, Mazda CX 3 which #8.6million, Rolls-Royce Ghost worth #105.7million naira, Porsche Carrera 911 which worth #34.6 million, Harley Davidson worth #9.4million, Lamborghini Huracan worth #86.7million, lastly with Rolls-Royce Phantom that worth #163million and his bike.


And don't also forget that those cars are customized cars, and there was a time he said he spent #64million just to clear a car, I mean if someone can spend 64 million to clear a car, just imagine the amount of the car itself.

This is the car he paid #64million to clear

Lamborghini Urus.

What do you think about the car collections of these two prominent people? Is SDM showing off by buying all these cars or it's because of his taste for exotic cars?

Content created and supplied by: Dhesthiny12 (via Opera News )

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