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See Pictures of A Skyscraper In Japan That Has A Highway Passing Through Its 5th, 6th And 7th Floors

16th story buildings in Osaka don't stick out that much, unless a highway cuts through them allowing cars to race through the fifth, sixth and seventh floors.

The Hanshin Expressway is a 149 mile network of expressway around the Japanese cities of Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto. The highway's most famous and unique features is a small section of road that passes directly through the three floors of an office building.

The building has a double core construction, with a circular cross-section. The floors through which the highway passes consist of elevators.

The highway does not make contact with the building, it passes through a bridge held up by supports next to the building while the roof has a helipad.

Amazing, the highway hardly affects business inside the building, as the owners installed noise proofing walls and flooring.

The elevators run on the outside of the building so they can easily pass by road, which is covered , soundproofed and does not actually touch the building at all as it runs through it.

Office workers therefore aren't continually disturbed by the passing of traffic as their cups remain static rather than slowly vibrating across the table.

See pictures below.

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