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Why You Should Always Turn Off Your Car Engine When Refueling.

We always see signposts in fuel stations warning us to turn off our car engine when at the pump or refueling, Have you ever wondered why? Or ever wondered if any risk is involved? The answer is yes, in this article, I will be highlighting the risk involved and why you should always turn off your car engine at the fuel station.

Fuel is a very volatile substance that releases energy when it reacts with other substances around it by the process of combustion, it is a very important liquid needed by automobile engines but can also be dangerous when it comes in contact with heat.

In a traditional setting, three things are needed to start a fire,

1 Fuel.

2. Oxidizer usually oxygen in the air and,

3. Source of heat or ignition.

All the above-mentioned elements are present at the point of refueling your car, fuel in the pump, the air in the environment, and heat from your car( which is a source of ignition).

From the above statement, they can be a possible explosion at the point of refueling if you don't switch off your car engine, the most possible cause of such an explosion is the incident of static electricity igniting gasoline vapour in the atmosphere.

When refueling, some fuel vapour escapes into the surrounding atmosphere, and a possible source of ignition can come from your running car engine or the alternator triggering flashes of fire.

Although the occurrence of such an incident is very rare, overall, it is better to be safe than sorry. We should all cultivate the habit of turning off the engines of our cars while refueling.

Thanks for your time.

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