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Top expensive cars that can make you broke

Cars have being known for its unique features and characteristics. A car is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transportation. The main purpose of cars was to ease movement of people from one place to another, but now it is now a way to show off how rich you are and that has destroyed a lot of people and made them broke. If there are cars that does not match your budget leave it and go for the one that suits your budget and leave the expensive cars for rich people, after all the cars perform the same function. Below are top expensive cars that can make you broke

1 Ferrari

This is one of the latest brands of cars that can empty your bank account.

2 Bugatti Centodieci

3 Brett Berk Bio

4 Nio EP9

5 Nissan GTR 2019

6 VW vortex

7 BMW 18

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BMW Brett Berk Bio Bugatti Centodieci Ferrari Nissan GTR


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