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Road Accident

See what to do when your vehicle brake failed while driving

In recent times,majority of car(vehicle) accidents have been link to break failure or break cuts.Thus,this appear to be a general problem across the globe due to mechanical,human and engineering design floor s.And to prevent this ugly trends, majority of automobiles company around the globe have deem it fit,as a serious case to regularly recall any of their products(vehicles) already sold to the public with a break defects,for a refit or complete re-engineering for public safety.

Now the question is,what do you when your car(vehicle) break fails or cuts off?

The solution to this question lies here in this article today,because this is an ugly trends that keeps rearing its head among cars owner on daily basis.

And just as promised above,here is what to if your car(vehicle) break fail while driving;

1.Take your foot off the accelerator pedal,Immediately you realise that,the break has failed.

2.Shift to the lowest possible gear quickly to slow the car down.

3.Engage the emergency break to further kills the momentum.

4.If you have a safe opportunity,turn the vehicle onto a road that runs up hill,so that gravity help slow and kill the motions.

5.Gravel,sand,bush and dirt can help slow it down completely,if you are not too fast to maintain a control.

6.Pavement is another good option, if you are not too fast to avoid serious head crash on and injury.

7.No matter what you do,please do not shut off the engine,as this would affects your steering input power and control turns of the vehicle.

Shocks,fear and flight mode state experience by drivers during break failures accounts for major cause of serious road crash(accident).This experts say,"is due to lack of sufficient knowledge on the part of drivers on what to do",when such situation(break failure) occur.

With all of these,i know you all have truly learn a lot from this,i hope so.

Thanks and like i always advise,"Be calm even in the face of death,so that your passage may be easy".

Thanks for reading,and please do comments,up vote,share and follow just as well.

Stay safe people.

Cheers 😁😀.

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