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If You Have A Car, You Need To Read This; See The New Trick Used By Robbers To Steal Victims Cars

It is every man dream to buy a car,no matter the brand;a car for transportation,leisure and other purposes. It becomes very important when you feel that your mates are leaving you behind,and such is the mad rush for cars that the Mercedes Benz is now unarguably the most popular car among many youths.

What many don't know is that there are many stress involved in maintaining your car. Apart from the usual petrol, battery, and occasional servicing of the car,there is also the need to safeguard your car from robbers and hoodlums.

The story am about to share is a true life story,and I hope my readers will learn alot from this story.

Following the opening of interstate borders in Nigeria,there had been a mad rush to travel after many months on lockdown. Since cars now ply the road,robbers now devise different strategies and tricks to snatch cars from their unsuspecting victims. Many people are not aware of this,and many more are even unsuspecting of this rather clever plan.

My brother resides in Abuja,in a side he called Wuse(I have never been there). He shared his experience with us when he came back home few days ago.

According to him,he was driving late at night when suddenly he noticed figures lurking in the shadows ahead of him. His instincts took over and he guessed that they maybe robbers. He drove carefully in order not to show his fears,but at a point he shot ahead,moving at very high speed.

Suddenly,two raw eggs were thrown on the widescreen of his car. Now,you know that a raw egg is usually slippery, always forming a milky coat whenever it is spread on something. When he tried to wipe it off with his Wiper, the egg just formed an impenetrable filmy coat on the windshield. The result was that he couldn't see where he was going again,as his view is now blocked by the egg.

Well,he managed to escape,but with a broken windscreen. He simply broke off the windscreen and fled the scene.

Recently,I heard of the same method used by a group of robbers to snatch a Toyota Corolla from a woman. This shows that this method may seen become rampant,and car owners maybe at risk.

But what can I do if a raw egg is thrown on my windscreen?

When a raw egg is thrown on your windscreen, don't attempt to wipe it off, because that's what the robbers are hoping for,in order to block your view. What you should do is this: As the egg is being thrown on your windscreen, the egg slowly spreads it's contents,thus it doesn't cover your view immediately. When the egg is being thrown, don't wait for it to spread. Simply apply speed and flee the scene immediately. There must be a crack or two where you can see through in your glass,use it and run.

Let's join hands together and safeguard ourselves and our properties. Let's make Nigeria safe.

Drop your comments,share for others to learb too,and follow me for more updates. Thanks.

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