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Checkout the prices of Toyota Venza in Nigeria in 2021

If you are seeking a car that isn’t too big or bulky but still outstanding and elegant, the Toyota Venza is one of the best choices for you. This car is becoming more popular in our country, because it's spare parts are widely available.

Toyota Venza was launched by Toyota in 2008. It was produced majorly for the American market. It is an ideal five-passenger crossover vehicle which comes in front-wheel and all-wheel drive options. The design of this vehicle is based on chassis of it's Camry sibling. This car has a stylish body and attractive looks. It is also a family-oriented SUV, providing peak level of comfort and reliability.

Unfortunately, you won't get tear rubber Toyota Venza anymore because Toyota stopped producing the USA version of it in 2015 and totally stopped producing the car in 2017.

The Toyota Venza runs from model years 2009-2015. From the 2012 model, 3 versions were introduced: the XLE, LE and Limited versions.


The entry-level LE gets power driver seat, Bluetooth satellite radio, USB port, touchscreen infotainment interface, reverse camera, fabric upholstery, and alloy wheels.

The XLE trim comes equipped with Toyota's Entune smartphone integrated system, leather upholstery, heated front seats, ignition and keyless entry.

The Limited adds a navigation system, xenon headlamps, upgraded auIdio system and a panoramic sunroof to the XLE trim.

The price of a Toyota Venza isn't fixed. It depends on the version, the mileage it has done, if it has any defects, how neat it is, etc.

The price range for a Foreign used Toyota Venza in Nigeria are:

*Tokunbo Toyota Venza 2009: ₦6m - ₦7.2m

*Tokunbo Toyota Venza 2010: ₦6.2m - ₦7.8m

*Tokunbo Toyota Venza 2011: ₦6.5m - ₦8.2m

*Tokunbo Toyota Venza 2012: ₦7.3m - ₦8.5m

*Tokunbo Toyota Venza 2013: ₦7.5m - ₦10m

*Tokunbo Toyota Venza 2015: ₦12m - ₦14m

As you know, the prices of Nigerian used cars are usually lower than those of tokunbo cars (around 60-80% of the price of tokunbo cars). So, the prices of Nigerian used Venzas are cheaper than the tokunbo ones. Here are their prices:

* Nigerian used Toyota Venza 2009: ₦3.6m - ₦5.8m

*Nigerian used Toyota Venza 2010: ₦3.8m - ₦6.3m

*Nigerian used Toyota Venza 2011: ₦4m - ₦6.6m

*Nigerian used Toyota Venza 2012: ₦4.4m - ₦6.8m

*Nigerian used Toyota Venza 2013: ₦4.5m - ₦8m

*Nigerian used Toyota Venza 2015: ₦7.2m - ₦11.5m

I must say that this car has many great features like: An excellent fuel economy, a beautiful design, lots of storage space and some advanced technology.

However, the car has some down sides. The cabin space is small and can only seat 5 adults. Also, the car wasn't designed for Nigerian roads as it has a low ground clearance and doesn't do so well off road. Another thing is that the spare parts are a little expensive.

So, if you want to own a Venza, you should have a small car by the side that you'll be using for everyday's running around. Venzas are not meant to be used as everyday cars especially in Nigeria.

Thanks so much for reading. Please do let me know what you think in the comments section and please do like the article. Also, please do follow me for more articles. Thanks again and God bless.

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