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See Why Kabba People Calls Bike Riders 'Going' Different From The Chants of Okada

Almost all States has different names for their bike riders: from Ndi Ogba Tumtum in the East, Mai Kabukabu in the Northern part of the Country to Okada in Southwest, diferent tribes with different names for those who commercialised it; but it seems one stood out among all: I am sure no one will doubt if I said it's 'Okada'. Perhaps it is so because the name originated in Lagos which happens to be the commercial hub of Nigeria; and every visitors coming in from other States familiarised with Okada usage and sometimes used it in their own State too. This is why Okada as name for bike men is almost accepted Nationwide anywhere you call.

I grew up in Lagos, so it's just normal to see every bike men as Okada riders, I never imagined it will be different until I came down to Kabba, Kogi State for Christmas. I needed to go out urgently; so the services of Okada riders will just be perfect. As I stepped outside, I met a family friend whom I greeted and related with of my plans to get to my destinations in time. He affirmed my initial plans of riding bike but he said I should ride 'Going' as he walked away. I am sure he didn't noticed that look in my face at the mention of 'Going'.

I got to the main road and confirmed everyone in Kabba chorusing 'Going' to stop bike riders for their services. I decided to ask questions on how the name 'Going' was adopted. I was even thinking it was coined. My Inquisitiveness further clarified that it's just the normal English word.

The first man I asked about how the name 'Going' came to be related stories of how a white Missionary came into Kabba town, he came with his bike and whenever he met people going his directions, he will asked them: "Are You Going?" His continuous usage of this question made Kabba people adopts the word 'Going' till this present age.

Another man had a different story of how it started. Engr Lamija Ajayi gave a different account. He said a man by the name Eseyin Sunday was the first to start bike business in Kabba in the early 80s, he said the man hailed from Akutupa kiri, Kabba-bunu LGA, Kogi State. He said: " Mr Sunday will seek attentions of his would be passengers by asking same question: "Are you going?" Which was later adopted by the people of Kabba as they exchanged services.

The stories might be conflicting, but it is connecting. They both agreed it came from those bike men. At the scream of 'Going!' The next available bike will come to a halt willing to offer services to you in Kabba.

Because of the wide spreads of Kabba people in the North, it's not surprising hearing 'Going' in other parts of the North as alternatives for the name of bike riders. The 'Going' you hear almost everywhere in the Northern part of Nigeria started in Kabba, Kogi State.

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