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37 Surprising Federal Road Safety Offences You Have No Idea Of and Their Penalties.

Honestly as a Nigerian Driver, it is difficult to say whether its the Nigerian police you are afraid of or the Federal road safety.

The Federal Road safety corps was founded in February 1988 and was saddled with the responsibility of keeping our roads safe and ensuring that only competent and Tested Drivers are allowed to drive in Nigeria.

This article is meant to educate you on the 37 FRSC Offences you likely may not know or have no idea of. So it my advice that you exercise patience and read through for you to know your rights.

Pursuant to section 10(4), 28 (2) of the FRSC Establishment Act 2007 and the Regulations 220 of NRTR, 2012.


1. Light/sign violation (LSV)----- #2000

2. Road Obstruction (ROB) -------- # 3000

3. Route Violation (RTV)----------# 5000

4. Speed Limit Violation (SLV)--------# 3000

5. Vehicle License Violation (VLV)----- # 3000

6. Vehicle Number Plate Violation (VPV)-----# 3000

7. Drivers Licence Violation ( DLV) -------# 10000

8. Wrongful Overtaking (WOV) -------- # 3000

9. Road Marking Violation ( RMV) ------ # 5000

10. Caution Sign Violation ( CSV )-------- # 3000

11. Dangerous Driving (DGD)--------# 50,000

12. Driving under Alcohol or Drugs Influence (DUI) ---- # 5000

13. Operating A Vehicle With Forged Documents (OFD) -----#20,000

14. Unauthorized Removal Of Or Tampering with Road Sign ( UTS) ---- # 5000

15. Do Not Move Violation (DNM)---- # 2000

16. In Adequate Construction Warning ( IWC)---- # 50,000

17. Construction Area speed Limit Violation (CAV)--#3000

18. Failure To Move Over (FMO)------ #3000

19. Failure To Cover Unstable Materials (FCM)---#5000

20. Overloading (OVL) --------#10000

21. Driving With Worn out Tyres or No spare Tyre (TYY)----- #3000

22. Driving Without Or With Shattered Windscreen ( VWV)------#2000

23. Failure To fix Red Flag On Projected load(FFF)--- #3000

24. Failure To Report Accident (FRC)----- #20,000

25. Medical personnel or Hospital rejection of Road of Road Accident Victim(RCV)------#50,000

26. Assaulting Marshall on Duty (AMD)---- #10,000

27. Obstructing Marshall On Duty (OMD)---- #2000

28. Attempting To corrupt Marshall (ACS)---#10,000

29. Driving Without Specied Fire Extinguisher (FEV)----#3000

30. Driving A Commercial Vehicle Without Passengers Manifest (PMV)------- #10,000

31. Driving Without Seat Belt (SUV)----- #2000

32. Use of Phone while Driving (UPD)----#4000

33. Driving a Vehicle while Under 18 years (UDR)---- #2000

34. Riding motorcycle without a crash helmet (RMV)---# 2000

35. Excessive Smoke Emission (ESE)--- #5000

36. Mechanically Deficient Vehicle (MDV)---#5000

37. Failure To install Speed Limit Device (FSLC)---#3000

Finally not forgetting #200 per day custody Fee

Don't also forget that you have an unfettered right tk court Trial

Although the rationale for fixing these penalties are unclear to me because some highly placed offences have small fines attached while minor offences go with huge fines and penalties.

Now you have an idea on what the FRSC Offences are and their penalties it is good to obey laid down rules. So if you know these rules are so difficult to keep, it my humble advice you park your car at home to avoid embarrassment.

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