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Nigeria is still living in the past; see old cars that are still being used in this century

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As times move on and currents change so should man himself and he also ought to change his environments.

In Nigeria many are living in the past though it is a new century, our environment has improved though not to the wanted heights. There are no new innovations or even platforms for such and as so we see the old things still in use instead of recent ones.

Only few up to date cars are in our country and these belong to politicians and the well to do. This shouldn't be, there should be infrastructures where these new and amazing vehicles are manufactured.

Observe some old cars that are stilled flexed in Nigeria

Toyota Camry Many do not know that this is an old model. It was brought out in the late 1990s and early 2000. This model is seen almost everywhere, in each state of the country.

More images This too is very peculiar Volkswagen Sincerely you can still see this in some parts of Lagos, and some neighbouring states like Ogun, Osun and the rest Audi This too is also everywhere, an outdated model of the company's vehicle and these are still being used as comfort cars. Nissan Cars like Nissan Sunny and other old models are still in use today even though rarely seen

Our government needs to stand up to the needs of the people and create good and lasting infrastructures so that we will stop living in the past of other countries. Remember to Stay safe, Stay at home and Take responsibility

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