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Prices Of Expensive Bicycles Worth More Than Cars And Houses

Not everyone you see on a bicycle is a poor man, some bicycles are worth both cars and houses. Infact there are bicycles that are fortunes in some countries. It's a wonder, how simple a bicycle can be and we see it worth hundreds of thousands of dollars,

some millions. Some of us that while we'll seated in our parents cars, we feel we have arrive, laughing and insulting people riding bicycles. In fact let me tell you, that bicycle you are seeing can 50 of your father's car including his houses, never ever look down on someone on a bicycle. Here are some of the bicycles.

10. eRocket's electric assist bike-$44,000

9. Montante luxury gold collection - $46,000

8. Chrome hearts X cervelo-$60,000

7. Trek madone 7 diamond-$75,000

6. Aurumania crystal edition gold bike-$114,000

5. KAWS: Trek madone - $160,000

4. Trek Yoshimoto Nara speed concept-$200,000

3. 24K gold men's racing bike-$393,000

 2.Trek butterfly Madone-$500,000

1. 24K gold extreme mountain bike-$1 million 

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