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First Drivable Limo-Jet Ever Built around the Globe (See Pictures)

We have seen a number of bizarre inventions over the past decades but this new creation certainly ranks among the weirdest and most innovative. Officially known as the Learmousine, this plane like car is the world’s first and only limousine jet, for now. When you take a good look at it, it has the body of a Lear Jet with four heavy duty wheeled chassis. Lastly the limo jet has been approved to be driven on the actual streets and not the runways, I’d honestly like to see how that pans out. 

Around 2018, the whole world was informed about a strange car being made but details were few and far between so no one could actually say what was in creation. When it was finally completed, it turned out to be a prototype Limousine. 

It was designed Dan Harris, a popular auto designer and it body parts were compiled by and put Frank DeAngelo. It took both parties years before they could come up with the designs and modifications suitable for a jet like limousine. Two full years was needed to complete research and development of it engine, interior, suspensions, specs, modifications and it internal system. 

The limo jet measures approximately 43-feet long and 8-feet wide, the vehicle body is made up of aluminum which is one of the strongest element car makers use for building the exterior of cars. The limo jet is placed on top of four massive 28-inch wheels. The limo jet has no wings so as to accommodate safe road driving. For maximum speed the side mounted turbine engines were kept intact. 

The limo jet was specifically Designed to take the mantle as the worlds ultimate party jet, the limo jet comes with exquisite interiors well-crafted and designed to fit it class. It is also filled with massive neon lights, loud speakers and different screen of different shapes and size to fit it user style and preference. 

The limo jet can reach a top speed of 100 mph despite it heavy weight at 12,000 pounds, this is due to it powerful V8 engine.

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