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OPINION: “Lagos Ride”, Does This Signal The End Of Uber In Lagos State

On the 4 March, 2021, the Lagos state government launched “Lagos Ride” scheme as they plan to redefine road transportation in the State after a signed partnership agreement with CIG Motors Company Limited.

According to news from the State Government, the “Lagos Ride” scheme is a new ride-hailing taxi which will give residents a better choice in road transportation, offering safe efficient modern cab and also reducing the level of unemployment in the state.

The scheme is expected to kick off in 6-months’ time as it will allow drivers to pay for the vehicle during a 4-year installment plan. This is a welcome development by the Lagos State Government, but will this affect the “Uber” system of transportation in the state?

Judging from the photos of the “Lagos Ride” vehicles, they are modern vehicles (SUV) and may not be the kind of vehicles that the average market woman would want to use when it comes to transporting their farm produce to the main market for sale.

So the big question is, which team will suffer more? Lagos, is one of the most populous state in Nigeria and has the capacity to accommodate any kind of business, but will resident ditch what they feel comfortable with (Uber) for a new state own thing? Uber like every other online transport booking service, has provided a platform where passengers can report any form is misconduct from drivers, something which in time, has kept drivers on their toes and checkmate all forms of harassment most drivers dish out to their passengers.

Will the drivers of the “Lagos Ride” be humble as their Uber colleagues or will they offer less transportation fare compared to Uber? These questions are yet to be answered but we hop for the best.

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