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The Biggest Truck That Can Carry Up To 450 Tonnes

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About the vehicle

It is recorded in the Guinness book of records that BelAZ 75710 which is a dump truck is the biggest truck if not the biggest vehicle in the world.

Who created the truck

The truck was created by a company named BelAZ which is located in Belarus.

It's carriage capacity

It is capable of moving 450 tonnes in one go. ... With a hauling capacity of 450 tonnes, it can carry 87 tonnes more than the current record holder. engines. To help it carry more than existing vehicles, the engineers behind the invention of this truck really tried very hard to bring it into existence.

The price of the truck

The truck has a price tag for anyone considering buying one, the price of the truck is just a little bit over $6m (£3.84m).

Other photos of the truck

Here are some other photos of the truck

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