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How To Drive A Manual Car.

We thinks driving a manual car is tough and stressful but the answer is NO,it takes focus,dedication and practice to be an expert. In my article i will be sharing with you important part you need to know about driving a manual car then the next one i will post i will analysis it on how to start driving, just follow my page to receive update.

Let's Start from the pedal of a manual car,there is an acronym they use CBA (Clutch, Brake, Acceleration).

Let's break it down and also state their uses

1). Clutch: is the mechanical device which transfers the rotational power from the engine to wheel in any manual vehicle. The clutch helps you apply your gear,your brakes(there is difference between clutch and brake) and also helps the acceleration pedal.

2). Brake: is a device for slowing vehicle on a high speed. It is used for slowing vehicles that is on high speed. There are two scenario brakes are been applied

1). Slowing down on a normal stop from high speed

2). Emergency stop

3). Acceleration: is a vehicle capacity to gain speed. It is used for moving car forward or backward depending on how you apply your gear.

4). Steering: is a wheel that a driver rotates in order to steer a vehicle. It is used to turn the vehicle left or right and also used to keep it in a straight position.

Gear: is a toothed wheel that works with others to alter the relation between the speed of a driving mechanism ( such as the engine of a vehicle) and the speed of the driven parts ( the wheel). It is used to command the vehicle i.e. if you are going forward, reversing or on a high speed it gives you all this control when you apply it.

Dashboard: is a panel facing the driver of a vehicle,containing instruments and controls. It is used for indicating damage of some parts in the vehicle(such as shortage of oil,overheating and so on). It won't tell you that the oil is low but there are symbols for it.

Follow my page to know how to use them all,to drive a manual car




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