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Check Out The Lamborghini That Can Repair Itself

The Italian made Lamborghini has it uniqueness of been outstanding among other luxury Sport Automobiles. Lamborghini Terzo Millennio (Italian for third Millennium) is a futuristic electric car which was introduced by Italian car manufacturers. This brand was said to have been developed in collaboration with the best brains and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Due to Terzo Millennio uniqueness, only sixty_three (63) of her kind will be constructed and unfortunately all have been sold starting from the range of $2.5million US dollar.

This sport car is said to be the newest electric super sport car features a 6.25litre V12 engine with an output of 838horsepower (6.25kilowatts). The amazing part of this sport car is that Terzo Millennio is a self repairing auto mobile, which is constructed with a carbon fibre structure, this sport car is said to check its own health life using sensors through micro channels filled with healing chemistries in other to detect any cracks and damages in its substructures.

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