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Funny Keke Napep models that will make you laugh. (See pictures)

Tricycle commonly known as Keke Napep in Nigeria is really a budget friendly automobile that serves the land transportation needs of the people. There are Buses and Taxi Cabs widely used in so many parts of the world even in Nigeria. Motorcycles too (Okada, Cyclist, Bike as they are fondly called in many parts of the country) are also used for the purpose of conveying passengers from one place to another. 

Using these media/channels for transportation, the Keke Napep seems to serve as an automechanical machine that stands in-between. With three wheels compared to buses and taxis which have four, and motorcycles which have just two, the Keke Napep has three. In addition to this, it has a covering that can shelter a passenger or passengers from certain weather conditions like rain, though not as convenient as buses and taxis in such instances, but at the same time, it provides a covering feature and more convenient space for carriage, which a motorcycle does not have. 

In many regions, commercial motorcycles have been banned from operating due to certain security reasons, which leaves the land transportation channels to just Buses/Taxis and Keke Napep. Most people prefer boarding a Keke Napep to buses or taxis because of the easy accessibility, and some are really comfortable especially in the periods of the day when the temperature would be kind of harsh. They board Keke Napep for the purpose of convenience and comfortability so that they will receive fresh air and any other reason which they may think of, as this varies with individuals. 

Meanwhile, seeing the benefits of this Tricycle, the engineers who produce them have decided to take things to the next level with some sort of awesome and sometimes funny designs in their build-up. Again, it has also become really useful to persons and agencies that they use them for their businesses and any other relevant usage which they may deem necessary. The business of running commercial transport with Keke Napep has become so rampant and even really lucrative that a lot of persons are delving into it and consequently making huge turnover and profits from it. 

It is not only in Nigeria that these Tricycles are being used, but in Nigeria we have a lot of creative persons who use their creativity to do some awesome and marvellous things. But even at that, they are also known for adding fun to it; incorporating comic effects in it. Sometimes you see some serious things that people make fun with, and you cannot just help but to keep aside your seriousness and laugh along. Lol. 

In this post, we have sourced out a few collection of these funny Keke Napep models that you may also find funny and laugh; Keke Napeps that have some sort distinctive outlook from the usual one which we normally see.

Check them out below... 👇

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