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Why is the toyota land cruiser better than a Range Rover?

I’ve owned 3 Toyota Land Cruisers and 1 Range Rover and 2 Land Rover LR4s. I currently drive an LR4.

The Land Cruiser is mechanically outstanding. Compared to Range Rover and Land Rover products prior to 2010ish, the Land Cruiser crushed the Rover products for mechanical reliability. In the 1990s, this difference was compelling. Maintenance cost is meaningfully higher for routine costs in the RR family versus Land Cruiser. RR/LR oil changes are expensive and brakes are frightfully expensive. But if you own a Land Cruiser or a RR/LR, the cost of maintenance isn’t really an issue.

Compared to the LR4, RR Sport and the prior RR SWB, the Land Cruiser seems bulky from the inside. The seats are a little stiffer and the acceleration seems a bit slower. (My son-in-law has a Land Cruiser and I ride in it often). Forget the stats, the RR/LR feels faster on highways (especially the old 5.7 liter V8s).

The Land Cruiser has way more after market items that enhance the off road experience or the camping experience.

I frequently go off road….mostly beach driving but occasionally in the north Georgia hills. Nothing stops the Land Cruiser. When I had the RR SWB, it didn’t give me the confidence of the Land Cruiser. I currently drive an LR4 and find it as good as the Land Cruiser or maybe a bit better.

I currently drive a 2016 LR4. I could drive the Land Cruiser but there are a couple of reasons why I don’t:

[1] In the Land Cruiser the third row seats stand up on each side of the rear compartment. This takes up space that could be used for cargo and very restricting on cargo width. The LR4 rear seats fold flat into the floor allowing for much more cargo.

Land Cruiser 3rd Row Seats stow position:

[2] Visibility in the LR4 is much better for the driver than the Land Cruiser. Pillar obstruction is much less.

[3] The roof design of the LR4 allows for much more interior daylight.

[4] The LR4 HSE LUX interior is nicer. Really. And so is the RR interior.

LR4 Interior:

It is a small thing but I love the mini fridge in the center console.

Land Cruiser Interior:

I had an LR4 for 7 years and it had one issue in it’s first year (under waranty) and absolutely no problems otherwise. Living on an island some distance from the dealer, I use a local mechanic and have not had any issue with routine maintenance. For all practical purposes, RR/LR has closed the maintenance gap.

If you have the opportunity to meet your SUV need with a Land Cruiser, go for it. It is a well made, rock solid vehicle. It just might be my next SUV. RR has discontinued the LR4 and there is no real 7 passenger option for me (don’t get me going on the Discovery).

If I were still working in the city, I’d still probably go with the Range Rover. It’s a perfect vehicle … safe, solid, comfortable to drive and a fun driving experience. I suspect it will be the next car for my other S-I-L.

The Land Cruiser and the Range Rover are different. Both are great. Compared to a full size Range Rover, the Land Cruiser is a relative bargain. So on the basis of cost, the Land Cruiser might win.

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