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AUTOMOBILE: Meet The Car That Can Drive Sideways Like A Crab - Mercedes AVTR

This car made by the great automobile maker, Mercedes, has the ability to not only drive the way your regular vehicles can drive, but it can drive sideways; like a crab.

This breathtaking piece of machinery can drive sideways by about 30°. The tires of the car is designed to light up, thereby giving it some really cool aesthetic features.

Its doors are not made with the regular metal or fiber material that we have all known about. This machine of a car has its doors made of glass, and they open with so much grace, like butterfly glass doors.

The car is able to connect to whoever that is driving it through their breathing, thanks to special sensors on the seats.

The concept behind some of the car’s features is from the movie Avatar. The car is built with little ridges at the back that move in accordance with the car’s current state. So when you brake, those ridges flip up, acting as an airbrake, as well as glowing red lights, to show those behind you that you are breaking.

Remember the lights on the tires that we had mentioned about, those are not only for aesthetics. Those lights on the tires also serve as indicators; what we call “trafficator in Nigeria.

The interior is simply breathtaking. First is that you would never see your regular steering in this car. The car is driven with a console situated between the driver’s seat and that of the passenger, and this console is touch-sensitive.

The designers of this car said that their goal was to make a car that works with the environment, and not against it. When seen driving, you would think that the car is drifting, but it is not. However, that feeling that you have about the car looking as though it were drifting, comes from the fact that each wheel of the car can be controlled independently of all the others, so they can actually all turn in different directions.

This car is electric of course, and it has a range of 700km on one charge, and takes about 15minutes to fully charge the batteries, and is packed with 469HP.

What do you guys think? Would you love to own and drive one of these rarest piece of manmade beauties? Let’s have your say in the comments section.

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Photo Credit: Supercar Blondie

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