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3 Common Causes Of A Car Breakdown

1. Flat Battery

This is one of the commonest causes of a car breaking down. If your battery is dead, it will be difficult to start your car and you'll be trapped wherever you are parked. Make sure to have your battery regularly checked, especially if it has lasted for over 3 years. You'll know if your battery is failing is if your headlights and cabin lights start to get dimmer.

2. Problems With The Engine

Issues with transmission can start as a strange sound and finally lead to a breakdown. If your transmission is blown, your car will be unable to move.

3. Brake Issues

You may still be able to drive your car with shot breaks though this highly not recommended. Worn out brake pads or rotors can result in your car refusing to stop. This will lead to damage of your car and serious injury to you.

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Flat Battery


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