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The Germans Are At It Again With A Transparent Car, Take A Look At This Innovation.

The King of automobiles are at the top of the game with the transparent car, wow. Read this article judiciously and be amazed, don't forget to follow this page and drop a comment.

Germany are easily the biggest dog in the automobile industry, they produce the best automobiles in to world, and cars are their specialty, cars like the well know Benz and others are produced there.

I was as dumbfounded as you are right now when I came across this wonder, it was really not an easy task. It seems the world of technology is shifting towards the transparent, it will surprise you to know that China already built a "transparent glass bridge", maybe I should purchase a transparent car in Germany and go to China's transparent bridge for a ride.

The transparent car was presented by ZF Friedrichshafen AG at the Frankfurt auto show IAA in 2015, that's about five years ago. The car is requires no paint as it is transparent and made of heavy-duty organic glass. From the outside of this transparent car you can easily see everything the car is made up of, from the braking system, to the airbags and sensors, you can even see clearly the person behind the steering wheel. This is really jaw dropping.

Every part of this car is transparent, from the car roof, to the seat and seat covers, also the floor mat is made up of a transparent rubber material , this is really a piece of art and technology put together in one automobile.

The car is was not produced for mass usage and price is not known at the moment, but I guess if you have enough money you can get it. The only accessories of this car that are not transparent are the tyres.

What could this transparent car mean for the automobile industry? Are we going to be seeing more transparent cars in the nearest future?

What do you think about cruising a transparent car in your country?

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