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Before You Enter A Commercial Bus In Nigeria Look Out For These Five Things

We all know that the most common way to get a transport in Nigeria is by commercial vehicles which might include the motorcycles, buses and the tricycles. One of its Advantages is that it is relatively cheap and most times reliable to get to our destination just in the nick of time and of course they are prone to accidents.

We are all aware of the bad events that happens every here and there, so we must take proper precautions before we proceed to a commercial vehicle. Taking precautions in the sense that you look out for these five things listed below.

License Plate

The license plate which is known well as plate number, make sure you avoid any commercial vehicle with a missing license plate, they might not be secure most of them just use it as a disguise to their actual job which might not be a clean job.


Observe all the fellow passengers in case of bus or tricycle, if they have something in common you need to avoid them they might be kidnappers or armed robbers. Always study the look of all passengers they might look friendly outside but deadly inside.

Nature of The Driver

Check if the driver of the vehicle is an addict, not only an addict, observe his behaviours is he arrogant? Though most nice people might look arrogant but if you notice steadily you will get to find out.


Is the bus well ventilated? Would you like to suffocated in a commercial bus? Especially joining wet bodies with people you haven't met in your life time, look out for poorly ventilated vehicles.

Well Maintained

Always consider a well maintained vehicle, it's for your own safety.

Please do not mind if the transport fare is very cheap, save your lives not your pocket, there are people out there who are willing to sacrifice anything just to get rich.

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