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(Video)Due To Traffic Congestion, Tesla 'Autopilot' Strike' & 'Gives Up', Ask Driver To Take Control

Sometimes, there is technology that we feel we may not need, but when it exists, it becomes very ‘wow’ and interesting to use.

One of them is autopilot technology on vehicles. For people who enjoy every second of driving, the experience of turning the steering wheel for example when cornering is something very exciting, right?

This Autopilot can be found in Tesla, a global electric car brand is owned by billionaire Elon Musk.

Something happened when this autopilot technology was reported to be ‘giving up’ or seemingly on strike with the crazy congested road situation, which is believed to be happening in Vietnam.

The story went viral when it was shared by a Twitter user. Based on the video shared, the sensors installed on the Tesla model detect the traffic situation around it.

At that time, the car was stationary. For a while, Tesla's smart sensors tried to detect potential routes to allow the vehicle to continue moving, but eventually had to give way before the steering wheel symbol came out and appeared on the screen of its meter.

In addition, a phrase "Take Over Immediately" also appeared, instructing the driver to take control of the steering wheel. In fact, the car's sensor also informs that "Cruise control is unavailable" which is a sign that the autopilot cannot work at that time.

Whatever it is, unexpectedly, even modern technology has to succumb to road congestion.

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