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10-year-old Nigerian Chess Player Wins The National Championship

Nigeria is blessed with children who are raised with exceptional abilities. Many of these kids begin performing incredible things at their early age.

On September 3rd, 2010, the 10 years old Tani was born. He lives in the U.S as a Nigerian-American.

Tanitoluwa currently resides in the U.S with his refugee parents, who never had a house to call their home.

Kayode and Kuburat Adewumi, his parents, are Ado Ekiti natives.

Tanitoluwa earned a chess national title in the NYC, in 2019, at the age of eight. That's extraordinary.

The young boy takes an offensive approach to his game of chess. He might offer them a bishop in exchange for a pawn, a compromise that would allow him to ultimately dominate the battle.

Tani once headed to a chess club for a friendly match, where he participated against world opponents. He often doesn't play with these opponents for more than five minutes, before beating them.

Tanitoluwa's personal trainers started a Go Fund Me page for him, to raise $50,000 for Tanitoluwa, and his parents.

Interestingly, within ten days the account was opened, they had raised $254,000 in contributions.

Kayode and Kuburat Adewumi were also given a home and a car. Their son founded an organization, to help kids who are going through similar difficulties in life.

Tanitoluwa is currently the confirmed national chess champion. This is a fantastic accomplishment by a Nigerian-American kid.

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