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4 Times Footballers Gambled With Their Friends And Relative

Many footballers have placed a bet on each other many times, but here are five amazing Bets that players and coaches did.

(1)Lionel Messi and Marcos Rojo:

In April 2019, Barcelona welcomed Manchester United to the Camp Nou, and Messi's friend, Marcos Rojo, told Messi to do something that many people thought Messi couldn't do very often.

"I was talking to the Manchester players who weren't in the group" said Rojo, "they were asking me asking me questions about Messi and watching how he shot." Manchester United players noticed that Messi mostly warmed up with his left foot and they told Marcos to tell Messi to score with his right foot.

"I shouted: Leo, do something with your right foot. Laughing, he came to me and said, today, don't worry, I'm putting a goal with my right foot." (Source: Fox Sports, 2020).

After the match began, it took Messi 20 minutes to win his bet, and at half-time Messi gave Marcos Rojo his jersey and told him he won the bet with that jersey.

(2)Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Romelu Lukaku:

In 2017, Ibrahimovic wanted to Lukaku with a very special task. During an interview, Ibrahimovic said "in Manchester, I offered to give him (Lukaku) $70 for every good ball control. He asked me what I would give him if he did them all, and I told him 'nothing', but that it would make him a better footballer. He never accepted this bet." (Source: Gazzetta Dello Sport, 2019).

(3)Cristiano Ronaldo and Hugo Ronaldo:

In 2014, Hugo, Cristiano's brother, was addicted to drugs and alcohol, so Ronaldo told his brother "if I win the Champions league, you stop alcohol and drugs."

Eventually Cristiano Ronaldo won the Champions League against A. Madrid, and he told his brother that it was his turn to fulfill his own part of the deal, and Hugo stopped alcohol and drug.

(4)Sir Alex Ferguson and Cristiano Ronaldo:

Sir Alex was willing to do anything to motivate his players, in 2006, he found a perfect challenge for Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player had to score 15 goals to win $600, and he told him that penalties didn't count, but Cristiano Ronaldo won the bet and scored 17 goals.

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