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Warning! 5 Business Ideas You Should Never Give A Nigerian

It's an inarguable fact that Nigerians are one of the brightest minds when it comes to business ideas. The love money has propelled us to do great things and break records and that same love has also made us to find easy ways to make money, Hushpuppi being an example. In this article I will look at five hilarious business advice you should never give a Nigerian to avoid being slapped in the face or given the insult of your life.

1. Never Advice An Igbo Man To Sell Suya

In your life have you ever gone to buy Suya and see an Igbo man there? Even in the east, the Hausas and Fulanis are the set of people associated with that trade and not because it was meant for them, but because they are really good at it.

So advising an Igbo man to join the trade is like telling him to go to where he don't belong to, his rate of failure would be high and he would be ridiculed by his friends.

2. Never Advice An Hausa Man To Sell Spare Parts

While the Suya trade is known to the Hausa men, spare parts trading is the business of Igbo men.

An Hausa Man trying to make it in this field would be very hard because the field is dominated by Igbos so most times, Hausas just keep there distance away from the trade. This most times applys to electronics and shipping goods from China.

3. Never Advice A Nigerian To Join Forex Trading

It's no news that Forex is one of the biggest markets in the world but it's also no news that most Nigerians don't believe in the system. This is not because of ignorance or illiteracy but due to the fact that many Nigerians and foreigners now use this cover as a way to scam people and collect there hard earned money.

We have heard stories of people being asked to pay thousands of Naira to learn Forex and after payment they realize that they have been scammed. If you are making money in Forex please keep it to yourself, don't go around advising people to join to avoid being slapped or insulted.

4. Never Advice A Nigerian To Meddle In Crypto Currency

In the last few years, this has been one of the biggest method used by scammers. People now disguise as Bitcoin miners and asked people to pay them in other to get double in return.

Yesterday saw one of the biggest bitcoin scam in the world were Twitter accounts of major billionaires were hacked and Bitcoin was asked to be transferred. A total of 60,000 Dollars was made by the scammers.

Asking a Nigerian to invest in Bitcoin is similar to commiting a crime, they see this as an ultimate scam proposal, so mind your business.

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