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"That used to be my father's shrine" - landlord replies tenant who asked for a favour on whatsapp

I really had a good laugh at this one, some people just have weird ways of diverting from a conversation. It's easy to just say no if you don't want to offer help to someone due to some circumstances. I am puting myself in this man's shoe and it seems I would do the same thing.

From what I could understand from the conversation, it seems the tenant wanted a favour from his landlord but when he realized that the answer he got was not favourable, he simply took to his heels. Come to think of it, would you dare to use an old shrine? Even if it was destroyed hundred years before I was born, I wouldn't dare to even go an inch near it.

But if you ask me, I would say that the landlord did not just want the boy to make use of the building and I think it would be more formal and mature if he just simply told the young man a big no because that type of information might just make the guy pack his load and run out of the compound.

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