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How to deal with fear

Being vulnerable of fear is one thing so Many people pass through you may be wondering how?

Fear could be very dangerous especially when it interfer into things you want to do

Disadvantages of being fearful are fear limits you.

Fear makes you procrastinate.

Fear keeps you restless and also fear is an enemy.

Further let's take a look on how to overcome come fear and live a fearless life, one way to deal with fear is

Face your fears:

You have to understand what actually makes you afraid and face it. For an instance I have a friend who has been wishing to invest in a. business but he was too afraid to invest cause he thought he may loss his money, he told me about it than I told him that you have to Face your fears, To cut the story short he took my advice and started investing, he invested and later discovered that he made no loss but all this year's he has been living in fear and that has gotten a negative effect on him.

The reason why you have to deal with fear is fear limits you, yes take a study of the case of my friend he was actually afraid thinking he would loss if he invested his money but later he discovered that he was only being afraid and not being brave. Next step to deal with fear,

Take calculated risk:

Yes take risk, if you are used to taking risk I mean calculated risk and not foolish risk then you are a step close to dealing with fear. Ok for an instance take a look at those people who work under the sea if they have not mastered the act of taking risk perhaps they won't do the job.

However they have been taking risk all there life so they are now used to not being afraid. Talking about taking risk you should not take foolish risk I said earlier take calculated risk.

By taking calculated risk your mind become use to not being afraid.

Avoid anything that pricks your conscience.

Is not a new thing a guiltless conscience fear no accuser, so if you want to overcome fear. you have to learn to keep your mind clear avoid anything that makes you sense fear in your mind. If you don't Want to Live a life of fear than you better avoid anything that exposes you to being afraid like committing crimes etc.

I once know of a man that is always on the lam when he hears the sound of police siren, if you don't want such life avoid getting your hands stained and you will see yourself living above fear.

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