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Foreign exchange

Do You Know One Dollar Is Equivalent to 23.27 Naira in Namibia?

You don't need to be a business man to care about the value of international currencies and and their equivalent in naira.

Due to the pandemic, the world economy has been greatly affected and this has also affected the value naira with respect to other international currencies.

Although most African countries don't normally do bilateral trade between themselves - but knowing the value of other African currencies is still a good knowledge that can be made useful in making some important decisions like travel, investment etc.

One of those African countries is Namibia. As you know the United States of America is not the only country that makes use of dollars.

There are several other countries that use dollar - we have Canadian dollars, Australian dollar, and even in Africa here we have Namibian dollar.

So today we are actually talking about Namibian dollar. This might not be a very important knowledge to most people but it is still worth to know.

So one Namibian dollar is actually equivalent to 23.27 naira

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