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Steps in starting up your business

Before starting up a business, you may need some important knowledge about how to start up business and that's what I want to introduce to you now.

1. First of all build up your knowledge about the business and go deeper into it.

2. Seek advice from a mentor or get one. The mentor that you should get must; be educated, have much knowledge about the business, have engaged in the business with a good and proper work history.

The mentor must like you and your personalities: The mentor must not hate you in any form if not he may give a bad advice which you may follow.

3. Get a good platform and probably different platforms for advertising it to get more clients / customers.

4. Examine yourself and most importantly build confidence in yourself.

5. Believe that you can do it; This is also important.

6. Don't have any negative thought in any form. Think positively at all times.

7. Don't use words of negation at all (like don't, can't etc).

I would have loved to continue but want to stop here for a while so what do you think about those steps? Follow me for more.


#Stay safe

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