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Stop Throwing Away Used Plastic Bottles, Check Out How You Can Make Millions Of Naira From Them

Nigerians consume alot of water and soft drinks on daily basis. Frankly speaking those that sell these items make reasonable income that could be more than that of office workers. That is to tell you how profitable the business is as a result of their demand.

Plastic bottles of water and soft drinks can be sold anywhere and at any time in Nigeria, the motor parks are often filled with hawkers selling soft drinks and water. Most Nigerians use it together with snacks while on transit, little wonder the environment is usually littered with empty plastic bottles.

When you ask an average Nigerian what he or she does with used plastic bottles after taking the content, the common answer would be that they throw them away.

Permit me to say this here many people pray to God for money but don't make use of opportunities that will bring them money when they come.

Most people don't know that not only can the used plastic bottles they throw away fetch them cool cash but they can as well become millionaires. Hold on let me explain how.

Have you ever wondered why people go here and there picking empty plastic bottles? they even go to the slums to collect these bottles.

There are many things which used plastic bottles can be used for especially when recycled. For example they are used in manufacturing of new bottles and containers, fibre applications like t-shirts, furnitures, combs, ropes, sweaters, bags, carpets and lots more. If you have the recycling machines that can process the plastic bottles into any of items mentioned above, you are already a millionaire.

Don't sweat yourself too much if you can't afford the machines required for the recycling. You can still make millions of naira by collecting and selling the used plastic bottles to companies that can recycle or use them.

All you have to do is get as many used plastic bottles as you can, making them clean will also increase your payment, then organize them into categories and pack them accordingly in garbage bags. Note that there various sizes of plastic bottles like 100ml, 200ml, 750ml, 1litre, 1.5litres, 3litres.

There are many places one can get used plastic bottles like churches, mosques, schools, event centres, hotels etc so quantity wouldn't be an excuse. Yo can even pay someone to be picking the bottles for you. One good thing about this business is that it doesn't require much to start, you can start with little or no capital.

These bottles, after they have been sorted out and cleaned can be sold either to physical companies making use of them or online for a mouth watering amount.

 The prices of for used plastic bottles depends on the type or size of bottle and the quantity. Though the companies that make use of them for industrial purposes pay for them according to kilogram (kg) or tonnes (ton). It takes 25 pieces of 1 litre of used plastic bottles to get 1kg and about 30000 pieces per metric tonnes.

The normal price range in kg is between N25 to N30 but if you go ahead to bale or grind them, the price will move up to N65 to N70 per kg. Assuming you can produce about 1000kg every day which is very possible, you will be having at least N25,000 in the first instance and at least N65,000 for the later. When this is multiplied by 100 days, you can attest what millions the answers will be your self.

I will be explaining other ideas about this business and more in some of my other articles, so follow me to get all you need to know about this lucrative business.

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